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October 24, 2012
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ComLock: Keziah :Info Update: by PapaSam ComLock: Keziah :Info Update: by PapaSam

[UPDATE] Oh gosh he's leveling up so gooooood :iconureshiiplz:

[UPDATE] H-he contracted with Leon gwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh :icongtthblushplz:


[Roleplaying] I am available for roleplay through DA Chats, Notes, Yahoo, MSN, AIM and Skype. Note me for any of my messenger names!

:damphyr:Name: Keziah Erani

:damphyr:ID #: #AKF2040

:damphyr:Nickname: N/A

:damphyr:Level: 5

:damphyr:Age: 767 years old. [Human years: 24]

:damphyr:Height: 5'8''ft “human” form, 5"11" Other Form

:damphyr:DOB: Janurary 17th

:damphyr:Gender Male

:damphyr:Race: Khadroman

:damphyr:Division: First Bearer

:damphyr:Quote(s): “Don’t ask for respect if respect is what you cannot give.”

:damphyr:Personality: Mysterious, but kind, having a mother bear sense of personality when it is another fellow citizen. His physical appearance might express a bit of intimidation, but being a Bearer, he holds this stance to make sure his job as a protector would be taken seriously. A bit of an introvert to an extent, he just won’t be the first to come up to you to have a conversation unless you seem threatening, or he must ask a question.

:bulletwhite:Giving and receiving respect
:bulletwhite:Khadroman civilization
:bulletwhite:Anyone willing to cooperate
:bulletwhite:Assisting those in need
:bulletwhite:Using Magic
:bulletwhite:Learning new magic abilities
:bulletwhite:Seas, Oceans, Lakes etc.
:bulletwhite:Sunny, clear days as well as rainy days
:bulletwhite:Children/Younger Khadromans
:bulletwhite:Sweet foods, cakes and pastries/cookies, fruits, the like.

:bulletwhite:Humans, Sort of, Maybe, Depends [Though is willing to give them a chance if he so happens to run into one]
:bulletwhite:Threats, by anyone [Human, Khad, Pand]
:bulletwhite:Battles and Arguments for no reason
:bulletwhite:Pointless Fighting
:bulletwhite:Sour Foods



His mother and father both Khadromans, Keziah was the youngest of two other siblings: An older brother and older sister. His parents, Lelah and Ichma both crossed paths at an odd time during their lives, a few monsters were deciding to misbehave rampantly around the fields of Khadroma. Having wandered off his post while trying to do his duties as the Bearer he was, a monster came to try and mess up Ichma's business. Luckily, Lelah had made it just in time to PILE DRIVE the creature away from him. It was like love at first sight, and Lelah looking down at this puny man as someone she wished to get to know, date, and eventually make a family. So with the tug of his hair, he was hers, and she was his, thus three beautiful Khadroman children were born.

The both of them deciding to keep their family professions going, they tried to see if their children would be up to doing the divisions they had entered, to keep tradition so to speak, the girls being warriors and the boys being bearers. Though of course, not that it was a bad thing, their first son did not want to pursue his father's division and become a warrior like his mother. A little sad, but proud of his son anyway of course, Ichma secretly hoped that their next child, Lelah pregnant at the time, would be a son and hopefully, just hopefully keep the bearer line. Soon enough, Keziah was born, and indeed wanted to pursue the duty his father had proudly done, and become part of the Bearer division.

Now doing his best to master his magical skills, he wants to be a great Bearer and show his citizens that there is someone in which they can trust to protect them no matter what. There is someone everyone could go to for answers, assistance and to keep them in check--making sure everything will be okay, even with the problems between the worlds going on as we speak.

:damphyr:Life Update:

It seems word has gotten out about Keziah's progress and determination over the passed few weeks of going back and fourth with information on the earthian world and what it has to offer. Filling out his books and making amends with both Human and Pandemonian races with getting knowledge and information on both, while keeping up his duties as Bearer in his own world, with consideration of First Guardian Alvara he was promoted to the title of First Bearer. Now the first in command of all Bearers and a title of Khadromian protector, he will continue on his duties proudly with a bit more on his plate to handle. If any assistance is needed, he will be there.


:snowflake:Because of his species he has the natural ability to change his bottom half from "human" legs when on land, to his natural Ichthyocentaur state when under water, and back again, because you can't really walk on land when you have a fish butt.

He gets this ability from his father who is also an Ichthyocentaur.

Ichthyocentaur- A being that appears to have the upper body of a human, the forelegs of a horse or lion, and the tail of a dolphin.

:snowflake:Keziah lives in a small home near mostly nature and the more quiet parts of Khadroma.

:snowflake:When he was younger he tried to take off his horns because they always got tangled in his hair.

:snowflake:He braids his hair at night, to keep it from knotting up and getting tangled.

:snowflake:He's happiest when he's in water.

:snowflake:Plays the flute

:snowflake:Likes juice

:snowflake:Each piece of jewelry had a significance: Necklaces from his Sister and Mother, Sword from his Father, Silver cuffs from his Brother.

:snowflake:Is a pretty chill and tranquil guy when you don't mess with him/act like a disrespectful brat.

:snowflake:Is currently courting and being courted /SORT OF/ by


Prior Ownership: Father’s Long Sword
Store Bought:

:damphyr: [Log Sequence] Battling//

:damphyr:Contract Availability: No

:damphyr:Currently in a Contract with: Leon Contiss


:snowflake:[ACE Spell:]

Nature's Assistance: The ability to use natures elements [In this case, Earth and Water] to summon a small amount of minions, when needed, for help.

Ex. To help organize books, assist children getting somewhere, deliver something, etc.

:snowflake:[Aqua Flagelli] [1] :bulletblue:Water

User creates a string of water to use as a whip to damage the enemy. Dissipates after the strike.

Appearance: Water trails from the fingertips to strike out.

:snowflake:[Aqua Mico] [1] :bulletblue:Water

Creates various droplets to come together and reflect light brightly, blinding the enemy temporarily.

Appearance: Water collects and ripples rapidly to flash light in various directions.

:snowflake:[Amica Vocationem] [1] :bulletblue:Water

Description: User is able to call upon the water particles present in the plants of the nearby area and turn them into projectiles, sending them to the target. *Damage output depends on total Magic.

Appearance: Small circles of water surrounds the user until he shoots them out to the target.

:snowflake:[Saxum Contudito] [1] :bulletgreen:Earth

Description: Pulls boulders to crush targets. *Number of boulders depends on magical ability.
**Too many can go out of control and strike allies and user. ***(6mins cool down).

Appearance: Stones from both above and below ground come crashing into the foe.

:snowflake:[Petra Lamina] [1] :bulletgreen:Earth

Description: User controls the earth below to summon a blade of stone in a pinch. *Lasts until the blade sustains damage enough to break. **Strength of blade depends on total magic.

Appearance: A blade rises before the user's feet for them to take hold and use.

:snowflake:[Infrigidando Defensio] [1] :bulletwhite:Ice

Description: More Defense for 30mins.

Appearance: A coat of ice covers the user like an armor.

:damphyr:Weapon: His father’s Long Sword that was given to him when Keziah was of age to continue the families generation of Bearers.


:bulletwhite:Health: 200
:bulletwhite:Magic: 220
:bulletwhite:Attack: 300
:bulletwhite:Defense: 265
:bulletwhite:Speed: 210
:bulletwhite:Total: 1195

:damphyr:Battling Style:

Using magic is his main attack, he tries to keep the enemy back and away with distance while throwing quick and speedy spells, hoping to injure the enemy enough for it to just go away and never come back. If needed, he would use magic spells that require more power and energy if the enemy won't back down, and if it comes down to it, his swordsman skills will come into play. Though quick on his feet, his better fighting occurs under water-so he would try to draw the enemy into a body of water, if available and possible where he can have the upper hand.

:bulletwhite:[Main Theme] [link]
:bulletwhite: [Battle Theme] [link]
:bulletwhite: [Sad Theme] [link]
:bulletwhite:[Angry Theme] [link] /Picks up at 1:48/
:bulletwhite: [Realization Theme]
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Fortranica Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
uwaaaahhhhhhhhhh congratz Papa, Kez suits as a protector after all, I love this guy aaaahhhh :icontearplz::heart:
PapaSam Jan 22, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Thank you fkdodkdntkf
; v; that means a whole lot!
Fortranica Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
yw :iconaawplz:
m0x1eg1rl Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
can i mention that he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cute.

PapaSam Jan 22, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Haha! Thank you so much!
m0x1eg1rl Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
yup ^-^
you're the entire reason I wanted to apply to combo lock ; A;
your art and aslkgjdklashd you make it look soo funnnn.
I hope I can get in :s
PapaSam Jan 4, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Shdjdjdjebsifndi WAT Omg thank you wow really omg sjndfjjdhd //:icongtthblushplz: I hope you get in too!
yes reallly ; u;
you're such an amazing artist.

and hey, if I get in, I might ask you questions because I'm really slow at understanding stuff . _.
PapaSam Jan 4, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Ah thank you so so much!! That means a lot and ffgghf your art is so adorable and so good OMG ffgghf no problem ill help as much as I can!!
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