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I don't know what to write here just yet but I think it was about time something went here.

My info is to the right,
buttons on down on the bottom
and gallery tabs are above or below.

Sit back, relax, click some stuff, check out the boys I draw, it's not totally interesting but I try!

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Superhero AU by PapaSam
[C] PapaSam by sanieslupinusGavin by ToothlessEgo
Gavin - Commission Bust by IrisHime

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Jovan by PapaSam
O yea I doodled dis for someone on twitter/tumblr and I really like how it came out!


Sun Oct 5, 2014, 9:09 PM
Today went from an okay day, to a terrible day and then turned into a better day. 

Don't let bad days get you down, you'll be okay in the long run, I believe it!

Have a good day, week, month, year, love you all, and be yourself!

Love yourself <:

MTT round 19 attempt: Crisco by PapaSam
MTT round 19 attempt: Crisco
Trying out for#108 in annicron round 19 adoption thingie! It's my first time doing this, wish me luck!!
MTT Adoptables - round 19 by annicron


"Graffitti's been given a bad name, and I plan on changing that."

• Basic Information

• Full Name: Crisco
• Nickname: Lard boy [no I'm kidding omfg]
• Gender: Male
• Actual Age: 25
• Birthday: June 25th
• Species: MTT
• Ethnicity: German.
• Sexual Preference: Flings his body into the sun.
• Saliva flavor: Apple Strudel.
• Martial Status: Single.
• Family Members: Mom, Dad, Older brother.
• Hair Color: REAL: Rose DYED: Black.
• Eye Color: Baby green.
• Height: 5'11"
• Weight: 158 lbs
• Body Type: Muscular Lean.
• Dominant Hand: Left. [Satan spawn]
• Current Location: Junction City.
• Living in: Studio Apartment.
• Hobbies: Sketching, testing color combinations.
• Likes: Always working, creating murals for people, leaving his mark.
• Dislikes: Artists' blocks, running out of supplies, being told he can't do something.
• Favorite Subject: Art.
• Favorite Color: All of them.
• Favorite Season: Spring, Summer.
• Favorite Food: Ham and cheese sandwich with some lettuce and mayo.
• Least Favorite Food: Hummus.
• Default Expression: He unfortunately has RBF [Resting bitch face]
• Clothing Style: Punk/Comfortable: Baggy jeans, tank tops, ripped jeans, jackets and hoodies, caps etc.
• Posture: Inbetween.
• Voice: Soft, strong, confident.
• Usual Mood: Okay.
• Dark Version of Self: Don't get in his face, he will immediately retort to physical violence.
• Light Version of Self: Relaxed, helpful, creative.
• Weakness For: Super good paintings in museums and stuff.
• Sleep Pattern: Up really late, sleep is all over the place.
• Cleanliness: Hygenic 100% Tidiness not so much.
• Personality:

Crisco is a very intelligent and creative individual, he really sees the world in a very different way compared to others and won't be anywhere without his sketchbook. Always doodling surroundings, new ideas, and just soaking in everything around him. He takes his graffitti very seriously, and sometimes would create beautiful murals when given the permission too. He doesn't want any trouble, but if need be he won't be the last to defend himself.

• Bio:

Crisco had a pretty erratic life, always being on the road moving from apartment to apartment. His parents never really getting along or agreeing to anything the other said. His house wasn't a war zone, but he could always tell and feel they weren't really a family. If something didn't go their way, they were on the road again, and it just made no sense. His brother always locked up in his room doing his own thing, Crisco had turned to art to help him try and somehow fill up that one thing that was missing. It was easy to cope when you had a pencil and paper, just being able to create a world you didn't live in, and as he got older, he decided to try and go public with what he was creating. Once they had moved to Junction, he turned to the streets, always sneaking out late nights with art as his excuse--of course his parents none too happy with this, but also really having no way to stop him. One night he came across a few guys working on a huge mural on the side of an abandoned apartment building, curiosity getting the best of him, the other MTTs had decided to take him under their wings and teach him the ways of Graffiti art, Crisco immediately falling in love. Dropping out of school and sticking to the streets he decided to take his work on the next level, hanging out with more graffiti artists and soon discovering a real family of his own. His home started to feel more like a place for shelter, where he'd sleep before he headed out to be with his true family and friends, soon enough making this passion something more, creating murals for pay and finally standing his ground, this kid wasn't hitting the road anytime soon, and he was okay with that.

• Trivia

TBA (will be filled out if I win him!)
Sniff by PapaSam
Brandon smiled, leaning over to kiss him a bit, wrapping his arms around him and kissing him more, humming softly. Before his phone started to vibrate like crazy.
LOZ: Housecleaning by PapaSam
LOZ: Housecleaning
Hi okay I have an AU where Link is a mute housewife who is married to husbando ganondorf who is your typical husband and tends to get on links nerves one way or another: like leaving the toilet seat up or not washing the dishes when it’s his turn. Link is very good at giving the silent treatment and Ganon hates that shit cause he’s real good at it and is just a sucker for it cause he thinks it’s cute when he’s all huffy and pouty (so like he sometimes teased him on purpose let’s get real) and as much of an asshole as ganondorf can be link can’t help but love him very much (who wouldn’t with hands like his hubba hubba ) I think it’s fair to say I’ve embarassed myself just about enough here so brb flying into the sun

Sam I Am

Tiny Hunk Machine by eipreD

I am 23 years old.

I attended SVA [School of Visual Arts] in New York.

Animation Major Alumni

Currently working as clean up artists for Titmouse Inc. NYC

I really love Superman and famous people doing stupid faces.

Made by my buddy JD

Find it Here

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Ravenclaw House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud

earthbender stamp by steamworkPhotoShop User Stamp by ClefairyKidI draw boys :STAMP: by PapaSam



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Gavin - Commission Bust by IrisHime
Commission complete. Hope you like him~♥
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Gavin is so white if he didn't have outlines I swear on my life he would disappear into the snow
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